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Healing Hallways of Art
at Northern Westchester Hospital

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KMAA members are invited to submit their artwork for the next Northern Westchester Hospital Art Display, which will run for 12 months. The collaborative effort between the Katonah Museum Artists' Association and Northern Westchester Hospital provides an unusual and important opportunity for KMAA Members to exhibit their work, and more importantly, to brighten the daily lives of patients, doctors, hospital staff, and visitors. This decades long program, started by KMAA President Emeritus, Dyan Rosenberg, continues to enrich and communicate with the public.

Important Dates:

Exhibition Dates: September 9, 2023 - September 2, 2024

Submissions Open: July 19 - August 8, 2023

Notification of Accepted Work: 8/23/2023

Drop Off of Accepted Work: 9/7/2023 : 8 am - 12 pm, coordinated with NWHC staff (email provided shortly)

Pickup of Work: 9/3/2024 (Time TBD, closer to the date)


"Imagery in a hospital environment aims to be calming, peaceful, joyful, inspiring, hopeful, colorful and bright allowing patients, visitors and staff to take an emotional vacation, as they move through the hospital corridors. Northern Westchester Hospital (NWH) is honored to exhibit the talented work of the Katonah Museum Artists’ Association. This partnership has brought the power of the healing arts to countless patients, families and staff since its inception in 2003 and has significantly contributed to the hospital’s harmonious and uplifting patient and family-centered environment."


  • Abstract and realistic genres accepted. Imagery must be culturally sensitive and respectful of race, gender, ethnicity and belief systems. Images that are political, controversial, display unhealthy behaviors indecent poses, or nudes are not accepted

  • For safety purposes, all artwork must be in the dimensions specified below

  • No art with fragile pieces or sharp projections

  • Proposed selections will be reviewed by the Hospital’s Patient and Family Partnership Council in advance.

  • KMAA will notify the artists of their selection and the next steps for the exhibition 



  • Artwork must be wired and ready for hanging

  • Maximum dimension of 4 feet high by 5 feet wide per piece

  • Selling price less than $10,000 

  • Works on paper must be framed under Plexiglas (not glass)

  •  All pieces must be no more than 20 lbs 

  •  All pieces must be able to be hung on the hospital’s installed gallery hanging system

  •  All pieces must be labeled on the back with artist name, contact information and title of artwork

  • The artist is responsible for providing an artist statement (200 words) with price list including sales tax

  • NWH will provide professionally posted artist statements and price tags for the exhibition

  • The artist is responsible for dropping off and picking up the artwork during specified times

  • The hospital will hang each artist’s work with the help of volunteers from the KMAA 

  •  A reception and gallery show will be held at the Hospital for artists selected for the exhibition 



  • Each artist may submit up to 6 pieces of wall art

  • Participating artists will donate 20% of each sale made to NWH.

  • This opportunity is available only to current KMAA members. Artists who are not current with KMAA membership will not be considered. Please check your membership status.



This exhibition is curated by KMAA Board Members.

The exhibit will run for 12-months and work cannot be removed until the close of the show unless sold.


It is strongly advised that artists carry their own liability insurance. Neither Northern Westchester Hospital, the KMA nor the KMAA are responsible for theft or damage to the artwork. The hospital is secure and has security guards and surveillance cameras


Further Guideline information will be provided online through Submittables. 

Is Your Membership Up to Date?

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