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Julie Rosenberg, President, KMAA

My fellow KMAA Members,

As your President, I am very excited to have the opportunity to lead you forward into what is turning out to be a dynamic KMAA season!

With my lifelong background as musician and artist, business woman and daughter of artist and entrepreneur, Dyan Rosenberg, who has role modeled her commitment toward the development and leadership of this wonderful organization for over 20 years, and her support of the Katonah Museum of Art (KMA) as past Trustee, I feel especially honored to step-up and contribute my leadership and skillset in support of the KMAA and, in turn, the KMA. In its establishment and ongoing support of its Artists’ Association, KMA has demonstrated that local arts and artists, matter. In that pursuit, I join the KMA and the list of KMAA Presidents who sat before me to lead the way for all of us to enjoy, respect and benefit from this ongoing collaboration.

I am happy to report that we have many new faces seated at the table. My fellow Board members are comprised of a dedicated group of seasoned and new members, established artists, entrepreneurs and community-focused individuals who endeavor to share their areas of expertise to carry out the roles and responsibilities we have as a working Board. If you haven’t already noticed, we are ramping up our digital presence. Our Instagram account thrives in member news and their interactions. We are in the process of revamping our website, which will enhance the pace and format at which we connect and communicate with our members.

We are on-course to continue our efforts to offer members meaningful exhibition opportunities, programs and events in familiar venues, as well as, introduce you to new ones that will expand our offerings, our artist-community reach and partnerships with local galleries, and other complementary venues.

Here’s a look at the 2022/2023 calendar:

Beginning in September, 2022 our annual art display launched at Northern Westchester Hospital. Known as The Healing Hallways of Art, this historically popular and treasured opportunity now runs for 12-months to give patients, staff and visitors continuous coverage of art. Submissions for next year will take place in September, 2023. We had a very successful November All Member Show (AMS) at the Katonah Village Library. We are pleased to announce a continued partnership with Katonah Library in 2023 and will rebrand this venue as a Juried show with a new theme. In turn, we will establish a new location for the annual AMS in a venue that lends itself to display free-standing sculpture and other 3-dimensional media. We are excited to partner with the newly opened Yellow Studio, in Cross River, NY. There will be interactive Programs and our spring Juried exhibitions at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists in April and Bethany Arts Community in May.

I am pleased to introduce you to our KMAA Advisory Board (see below): a working group of volunteers that are responsible for developing and managing all aspects of our exhibitions, programs and events. Mentioned are their Offices held and Committees on which they serve.

We all look forward to seeing you at the Holiday party at the KMA on December 16, 6-8 pm! Please be sure to find us there and say hello. If you have not yet RSVP’d please do so at

Sending you and yours my best wishes for a healthy, happy holiday season.


Julie Rosenberg
President, KMAA



It is the Mission of the Katonah Museum Artists’ Association (KMAA) to develop and enhance an artistic community by providing exhibition opportunities, educational programs, and venues for networking while supporting the activities and exhibitions of the Katonah Museum of Art (KMA).

KMAA is an artists' organization associated with the KMA. Our exhibitions and events are programmed by KMAA membership. 


Below is a list of pertinent Qs & As for KMAA members interested to submit their work into any of our exhibitions.  These policies must be adhered to or your work will not be considered for an exhibition.


Please do not contact the Katonah Museum of Art or an exhibition venue when considering submitting your work and when you have questions regarding drop-off and pick-up of your work for any of our shows. Contact us directly at

Q. Can I remove artwork early, before the show is over?

A. No. Artwork must remain in the exhibition for the duration of a show and can only be removed at the specified times when KMAA volunteers are scheduled to be onsite to manage the process. There are no exceptions. Please consider this before entering one of our exhibitions.

Q. What if I am unable to drop-off or pick-up my work on the specified timeframe and location for a given show?

A. Due to the size of our Association and the logistics that we arrange with our venues, and our volunteers months in advance of a show, it is not possible for us to make an exception if you are unable to drop-off or pick-up your work at a given venue outside of the scheduled date, procedures and timeframe. We recommend that you make arrangements with a friend, family member or representative to drop-off and pick-up your work, on your behalf, if you are personally unable to do this, in person, yourself. In addition, the venues we contract with are not authorized to accept or remove any works on your behalf and failure to comply will result in not having you enter our exhibitions. Please consider this before entering one of our exhibitions.

Q. Can I edit details of my work in Submittable once it is submitted?

A. Yes. You may request us to open your submission for editing during the specified entry dates. We will not accept any edit requests or make any changes to your submission, following the close of an entry period.

Q. I accidentally unsubscribed to the KMAA eblasts and do not receive exhibition notifications, etc. What can I do to re-subscribe?

A. Send an email to us at to opt back in to our eblasts and we will, in turn, send you an email to re-subscribe, from Constant Contact. Please do NOT contact the Katonah Museum of Art to re-subscribe. Note: only one re-subscribe email is permitted per individual. Please do not delete it.  

Q. Is there any need to send in my actual pieces of artwork to the KMAA for an Online Exhibition?

A. No. There is no need to arrange for drop-off or pick-up of your work for an Online Gallery exhibition. We use the images that you supply in your entry on Submittable. A link to enter an Online Gallery exhibition will be emailed to current KMAA members prior to the start of an entry period. Be sure to check your inbox for the latest KMAA eblast via Constant Contact.


Q. How important is the clarity and quality of the images I submit when entering an exhibition?

A. Extremely important. In all and especially in juried shows, images supplied by you will be the ones that people see, may be used for promotion and uploaded into our Online Gallery. If an image is unclear, i.e., blurry, shows reflections, is poorly photographed, your work, no matter how brilliant it is, may not be clear enough to be evaluated by a juror or appreciated by the public. Images that you supply on Submittable, upon entering a show, must also be formatted to our specs, as described in a Prospectus. 

Q. Do I have to be a KMAA member to be considered into your exhibitions?

A. Yes. Only the work of CURRENT KMAA members will be considered for any of our exhibitions, online and in-person. It is the responsibility of the participating artist to verify and maintain current membership status. In the event that your membership has expired at the time your work is dropped off for a given exhibition, your work will be rejected pending that you rejoin KMA/KMAA and provide proof, your receipt, to our volunteers at the time of drop off.


Q. When entering an exhibition, how important is it to correctly spell work titles, mediums, etc., and to provide a functioning website (URL) link where people can view my artwork?

A. Extremely important. KMAA uses the text that you provide. All work details and your own artist information should all be checked for accuracy prior to submitting your work to any of our exhibitions. Any link (URL) of a website and email address that you provide is what will be used in promoting your work. If anything is misspelled or if links are broken, viewers may not be able to find you on the web to learn more about your work.   

Q. Can I submit multiple entries for a given Online Gallery exhibition? 

A. No. Only ONE entry, per artist, per exhibition will be considered.  

Is Your Membership Up to Date?

Check your membership status and renew today in time for next year!

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