This prospectus invites KMAA artists to submit artwork in any medium, that compels not merely one brief glance, rather lingering and thoughtful contemplation - and which causes viewers to reconsider what they had at first believed about the work and thus “ricochet” in the viewer's mind.

Our theme is very open-ended - there is much room for individuality in this compelling group exhibition. Whatever your technique or style may be - the result should induce us to look - and look again - to leave us rethinking what we have just seen. This fascinating exhibition will offer an experience that rebounds between artist and viewer- which will cause complex or enigmatic concepts or techniques to "ricochet" leaving one with a sense that things are not always what they may seem at first glance.


Submissions: March 2nd to April 2nd

Jurying: April 3rd to April 16th

Online Placement: April 17th to May 14th

Online Opening: May 15th to June 13th

Juror: Susan Fisher, President & CEO, Bark Frameworks,

Long Island City

Susan Fisher is President and CEO of Bark Frameworks, a custom fine art frame company established in 1969 in Manhattan, with artists forming the core of the firm’s early client base. From 2017-2020, she was Director of Collections and Curatorial Affairs at the Brooklyn Museum, and from 2009-17 she was Executive Director of the Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation, the historic home, studio, and collection of artist Chaim Gross, located in Greenwich Village, New York City. She has also held curatorial positions at the Yale University Art Gallery and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

Susan lives in Bedford Hills with her husband, two kids and their dog, Rip.


Incomplete entries will not be processed. Submitting artists must be current members of the Katonah Museum Artists' Association. Payment of membership fee must be done through the Katonah Museum of Art at 914-232-9555 or katonahmuseum.org. Artists may submit up to 3 works, 1 for $25., two for $30. or 3 for $35., payable to Submittable (refer to KMAIL for entry link). Submissions must follow all guidelines or will not be accepted. Fee is not refundable.




Recommended video settings:

  • Compression Type: H.264

  • Frame Rate: 30 is preferred. 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 are also acceptable

  • Data Rate: Automatic

  • Key Frames: Automatic

  • Frame Reordering: Unchecked

  • Supported files: You can upload all popular video formats (Mov, Quicktime, AVI, MP4). Your video is automatically transcoded into MPEG4 (containing H.264 codec) and WEBM formats


Participating artists agree to: 1) make their piece of art available, in the event a sale is made, for the duration of the show; 2) maintain the piece of art in the exact condition in which it is photographed and exhibited; 3) will assume full responsibility and costs associated to package and ship or arrange to deliver their artwork to a buyer including the use of their own appropriate insurance; 4) be able to ship or arrange to deliver their purchased piece of art within seven (7) days of being notified of such sale; and 5) allow the KMAA and KMA to show their piece of art on any of their online and print platforms, including this Online Gallery, for the purposes of publicity and otherwise.


Sales will occur directly between artist and buyer and the KMAA requests that the artist inform us of the completed sale by emailing info@artists-kmaa.com, for our records. Once a sale has been made, the KMAA suggests that the artist make a donation of 10% of the sale price, to the Katonah Museum of Art. Again, contact us at info@artists-kmaa.com should you need assistance.

Artists selling work agree to hold harmless the Katonah Museum Artists' Association, the Katonah Museum of Art, and their agents, servants, and employees, from any claim of damage or theft that might arise from any cause whatsoever. Artists should arrange for proper insurance coverage for their work. Images of work may be used for publicity purposes. It is a requirement of entry to the exhibition that all of the conditions stated above be understood and agreed to by virtue of the artist submitting work via this entry Form. Submittable.com will provide assistance with completing entry form and downloading images by clicking on HELP on any page. For general questions contact info@artists-kmaa.com. Please do not call the Museum directly.